Spidermetrix is a paid online survey site that's kind of paradoxical: on the one hand it has a real friendly feel about it, and it's full of "spider this..." and "spider that..." lingo, and there's even a photo of the founder, but on the other hand it seems abandoned and empty; for example, the forum is full of spam messages and all the competitions are closed.

Take a look at our review of spidermetrix and have a look at it yourself before you make up your mind completely.

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Australian or international?
  • Australia

Spidermetrix is based in Melbourne.

Alexa ranking*
  • Unknown

An Alexa AU rank is not available for spidermetrix, so the jury's out on the popularity of this website.

Forms of payment
  • Shopping Vouchers
  • Cash
  • Donations

Points can be cashed out using PayPal or direct deposit. Points can also be used to purchase vouchers, which are currently all Amazon vouchers, or to purchase gifts, which are currently all donations to charity.

The website says "You don't have to wait before you can claim your first reward" but it's not totally clear what that means.

Clarity of information provided
  • No

It's relatively easy to find your way around this website and find what you'd think is the relevant information. But, there seem to be discrepancies in the information provided; for example, there seem to be weekly prize draws, but there's nothing about them in the FAQs. It's all a bit confusing really.

Extra stuff
  • Competition

There appear to be additional competitions with the option to win cash prizes, but they're all closed at the time of writing.

Star rating
  • star
  • star
  • star
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You can cash out your points, which is great, but if you would prefer a voucher your choice is Amazon or nothing. The information on the site is a bit confusing, and the forum is full of spam emails. Is there anybody there, and is this site still even functioning? This may be harsh but spidermetrix looks, feels and reads like it was made by someone's nanna who recently completed an adult learning course in web design.

*Accurate as at March 2011.
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